Floating Sinkers

We have been working on the I Can statement: I know how to make a floater into a sinker and a sinker into a floater.  Several days ago we each got a floater (a popsicle stick) and had to alter it to make it sink.  Now we each got a sinker (a coin) and have to alter it to make it float.  Below is a slideshow of each of our new devices; on one side is a coin which is the sinker they each started out with.  On the other side is the device each student created that is supposed to now be a floater.  Wish us luck that they’ll each float!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



One thought on “Floating Sinkers

  1. I think that most of our devices will float and less will sink. I can’t wait to do the test on our devices. I hope we have more floaters than sinkers. lets have lots of fun!

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