Baby Leah

Yesterday Miss Gray brought in Baby Leah and her mom, Erica, to our room for another Roots of Empathy class.  Leah has changed SO much since the first time that we saw her, so we decided to blog about those changes.  Below is a wordle of the entries we made.

Asia:  BABY LEAH HAS TWO BOTEM TETH she is growing two top TETH. She is 7 months old.  SHE giggles she loves  to dance.  She loves to SWIM.  She is cute. She HAS more toys then she needs.  In Roots of Empathy I learn about  facial expressions.

Avrey :  I’ve noticed that Baby Leah has gotten a lot bigger than when I first saw her.  I think that baby Leah is almost ready to walk.  And I can’t believe that baby Leah is seven months old.   In  Roots of Empathy I learned about facial expression .

Colby: I notice that Leah can lift her head now. She couldn’t when she was little.  She is 7 months old.  She is playing with new toys.  She is getting new clothes.  Now we are learning about facial expressions.

Daegan:   Baby Leah got really big. She got older, 7 month. She had new clothes. She got her picture taken with Santa.

Emery:  I see that baby Leah learned how to say dada first and then mama.  Leah is now 7 months old.  Leah has two bottom teeth.  I learned that baby Leah loves to go swimming.  Leah is very cute baby.  Leah likes to play with all kind of toys.  Roots of Empathy is a great way to learn about caring.

Eric:  Leah is 7 months old.   Leah can say mom.  Leah got bigger.  Leah likes playing.  In Roots of Empathy i learned facial expressions.

Gaige:  In Roots  of  Empathy I just learned  that baby Leah  is bigger. Baby  Leah  got new clothes.  Baby Leah is only  7 months  old.  In Roots of Empathy I learn about  She got a new toy.

Hannah:  I noticed that Baby Leah can hold her own baby bottle.  She can sit on her own.    She is already 7 months old.  She dances to music sometimes.  She goes swimming at the Dawe center in Red Deer.  She likes tummy time too.  It’s her first Christmas in 2011. Something important about Roots of Empathy is caring.

JAYDA:   I see that Leah has gotten bigger since we met her.  She can hold her own toy.  She is 7 months old.   She lives in Red deer.  In ROE we learn about how others are feeling and about Babies.

Jesse:  I learned that she got bigger.  She is 7 months old.  I learned in roots of empathy I learned about  facial expressions.

Joshua:   Baby Leah is 7 months old. She is so cute because she is a baby. She is eating new foods.

Kaytlynn:  Baby Leah is cute.  She is allot bigger then the other fake baby.  Baby Leah dances to music sometimes.  In roots of empathy we are learning how People feel, how much we care, and how we look if we are sad, mad, happy, embarrassed.   Baby Leah is 7 months old.  She is a giggly baby.    She likes the pretend baby she kept nocking the pretend baby over she was so cute!

Logan:  I see that Baby Leah has gotten bigger and taller because she is eating new foods.   She is wearing new clothes. We are learning facial expressions.

Michayla:  Baby Leah is 7 months old.  She is Bigger than before we saw  her.  Baby Leah is a happy baby. But what Roots of Empathy is about is  feelings.

Nick:  The first time we saw Leah she was little.  Roots of Empathy is super fun you get to learn about feelings.  I like to read books with Miss Gray and look at people’s facial expressions .

Paris: Roots of Empathy.   Baby  Leah is bigr then  wen I saw  her . She is drinking by her self . she opened her very frst present .i noticed  she likes the pretend  baby . she is cuter  then the pretend  baby .  She  is 7 months old she is almost 1 .  It is her first Christmas.  Baby Leah is getting noo food . she is dancing to music  .  she is a treat to our classroom if we be good .  Baby Leah  is very very  cute.  she is very  funny .  She likes the water and she likes swimming.

Parks:  In Roots of empathy Leah got bigger.  She got some teeth.  She is 7 months old.  Roots  of empathy is all about facial expressions.

Shayla:   Babe Leah  nose  the  class  bedr  then  last.  She  likes  us  bedr  than when she  is  6 munths.  I  like  win  baby  Leah  comes.

Taylor:  Leah is 7 months.  She can hold her head up now. She can hold her bottle now. She is growing teeth. In Root of Empathy we are learning how other people feel.

Ty:  Baby Leah learned to hold her head. Baby Leah is 7 months old. Baby Leah is cute.  Now she eating  new  foods.

Tyrus:  Hi Leah!  I’m Tyrus & I like you.  I like that you are FUN.  I see that now you can do: pick up stuff, play with new toys & hold new stuff.

Vivien:  She can hold her bottle up now.  Baby Leah is 7 months old.  She is bigger. She laughs at Ms. Gray.  In ROE we learn about faces.


2 thoughts on “Baby Leah

  1. This is an awesome learning experience for all the kids. I know that Nickolas looks forward to these visits with the baby.

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