Making Floaters Sink

The next “I Can” statement we are working on in our Science “Boats and Buoyancy” unit is I know how to make a floater into a sinker and a sinker into a floater.  After building on our knowledge of materials that are floaters and sinkers from our previous experiment, we each made a design to alter a floater (a popsicle stick) into a sinker using various material choices.  Below is a slideshow of our (hopeful) sinkers!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Please comment on any good sinker materials you see used by the students.


7 thoughts on “Making Floaters Sink

  1. Well done, 2J.

    The ability of some things to float when their weight would make you think they would sink is interesting. Heavy ocean liners can float across the water yet the same amount of metal cast into a huge ball would sink to the bottom of the ocean so quickly.

    It looks as though you have discovered the secrets of make things float or sink. Great science work. 🙂

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

  2. Dear Mr. Mannell,
    Thank you very much for your comment. Today we are going to do a similar experiment, except that this time we are going to try to make a sinker float. We saw that plasticine sinks very well. However this time some of us may take your information to try to make it float.
    Please check out a blog to see how we did.
    Grade 2J

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