Making 10 Card Game

One of the Mental Math Strategies we learned about is making 10.  This is also a very useful strategy for when we begin grouping and adding larger numbers.  To practice this valuable strategy, we learned a new card game called Making 10.  The players each got 5 cards, and they had to make 10 either using 1 card (a 10 or a face card) or 2 cards (two numbers that add up to 10).  Students were to lay down their cards that made 10, then pick up more, and wait for their turn again.  Below is a video of Nick and Colby playing Making 10.



4 thoughts on “Making 10 Card Game

  1. Hi ms.J.Its Gabby from last year i relly like your classe’s art projets just
    one question can you please put more art on your Blog;.And can you
    please put a comment on Mrs.Salins blog.


  2. Thanks Gabby! I would love to put more of our art projects on our blog. I believe we’re doing another one this Friday. Check our blog to see this weekend. And I’m going to jump onto Mrs. Sahlin’s class blog RIGHT now!
    I miss you, Sis!

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