Floaters or Sinkers?

We began our new Science unit today, called Boats and Buoyancy.  One of the “I Can” statements included in this unit is I know which materiasl will sink in water and those that will float.  So we did a demonstration in which the 2Js were given a list of materials and they had to predict which ones would float and which ones would sink.  After each prediction, we tested the material in a pot of water, then recorded our observation.  To reinforce our knowledge of which materials floated and sunk, we also created a poster to go illustrate our new knowledge.  Below is a slide show of our experiment.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Please comment something that surprised you during our experiment!

6 thoughts on “Floaters or Sinkers?

  1. Great posters, 2J! What a neat way to learn about bouyancy. What about you – when you go to the pool, are you a floater or a sinker?

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