Thinking Ahead – Celebrations and Traditions

We have begun our next step in Social Studies, which is Looking At People.  We will continue to focus on the communities of Iqaluit, Meteghan and Saskatoon, but we will be looking closer at the people who live(d) there.

One of the “I Can” statements  that is key to this unit is I can tell about the traditions and celebrations in each community.  Now that we’re into the Christmas season, this is a perfect time to start thinking about traditions and celebrations!  Let’s start to make some personal connections by thinking about celebrations your family participates in and some traditions that go along with them!  Please comment on a holiday/special day you regulary celebrate, and a tradition that you have that goes along with it.  When we begin looking at the celebrations and traditions of other communities, we’ll be able to make personal connections to them.  I’ll start:

Ms.J and her family celebrate Christmas.  One tradition we have (as we are Ukrainian) is to have 12 different foods on the table for Christmas Eve dinner.  We also sing Christmas carols and open our gifts on Christmas Eve as well.

Remember, you don’t just have to comment on Christmas; choose any holiday or day that is special to you and your family. Below is a slideshow of some of the most recognized holidays to get your mind thinking.

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12 thoughts on “Thinking Ahead – Celebrations and Traditions

  1. Haylie’s Family has a tradition (not so formal) to be able to get to see all the family over the holidays as it is always so busy.

  2. Tyrus & his family have a little Elf ( named Ernest) we like like it! He comes every year when we set our Christmas tree up. Santa sends him to us.We decorate the tree,put music on and put up the star last. Every Christmas Eve we get to open just ONE present, it is new Pjammas and a book. We get to read them that night before bed. Love Tyrus

  3. In Eric`s family there are several traditions. December is a month of baking goodies, decorating a few trees (one big,two little) for the house. We bake goodies like truffles and gingersnaps. We also try to make a gingerbread house. Hanging out with family and going to a giant toboggan hill with uncle Ty is a new tradition that we love.

  4. Vivien and her family celebrate Christmas already the second time here in Canada. We open gift`s at night and we will have a dinner with turkey for sure.

  5. For Logan and his brother’s birthdays, I make their birthday cakes by scratch. They pick out what shape or design and I do my best to make it. The icing is from scratch as well. Too many things are bought at a store and I make their cakes filled with love as well.

    At Christmas time, I make special reindeer food. Just before bed we put out cookies and milk for Santa, then bundle up and go sprinkle the reindeer food on the lawn to make sure the reindeer stop at our house. I know for sure both Santa and the reindeer like our treats because there are only crumbs left.

    Logan’s mom Carrie.

  6. We celebrate Christmas with family at the farm in Saskatchewan. We attend Christmas Eve church service. We open presents on Christmas Day. We have our traditional turkey dinner 🙂

    Michayla and her Mom

  7. In the Hamer family we all get to open 1 present on christmas eve and then christmas morning we eat our special breakfast called a “wife saver” and open all the rest of our presents.

  8. Every year Ty and his Mom and step dad Chad with our 2 dogs (Jersey and Charlie) go to Claresholm three days before Christmas and we have a huge toboggan party Christams eve day depending on how cold it is then we go inside and start a fire and ake hot chocolate and do smores inside 🙂 then we have a supper this one not huge usually grilled cheese and tomoato soup and we all open one present then we leave out the goods for santa reindeers and elves of course!! It has been the same for amost 6 years we love it!!!

    Ty and his Mom Amanda

    • That is a LOVELY family tradition!!! What wonderful, warm memories you and your family are making! I think I’m going to take page from your book and start something like this with my family…

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