Our Thoughts About Our Learning…

Today I told the kids that they would be able to write their own blog entries for our class blog.  The topic needed to be about their learning, however they could write about whatever they wanted.  I think that our 2Js did a really good job writing down their thoughts for the first time in our blog.  It’s very interesting to read what they think about their own learning!  I can’t wait to do this again with them!!!

Asia: I love art and reading  because  it helps me learn I love learning.  Art  is  creative  and fun it makes me learn now things. I love social because we learned about  three communities meteghan Iqaluit and Saskatoon.

Avrey: I enjoy reading because I choose books that I like.  I love math because I know lots about math.  I love learning about the three communities Meteghan   Iqaluit   and Saskatoon.  And I absolutely love  playing with my  best friend Kaytlynn.

Colby: I love   recess   because it   is fun, awesome and cool.  I   like   going down   the slide.  I like playing with Parks. I like playing in the snow.

Daegan: Gym is my favorite.  I   like how we are playing tag. I like basketball. I like adding up.

Emery: I think I’m  good at art and social. I love social because it is cool and we learned about the communities meteghan Iqaluit Saskatoon.  Art is very creative and fun we learned how to draw Egyptian faces.

Eric:  I am good at everything.  I am good at playing.  I am good a learning.  I am good at different things.

Gaige: Math makes me learn a lot.  I like doing art class.  The best art was the haunted house.

Hannah: I love science. My favorite part was the Concept maps.I learned that the 3 states are liquid, solid, and gas.

Haylie: I think I’m good at art.  I love art.  I am good at art because I can draw and paint well.  I am a good listener. I can read very good too.  I can count by 2s and 10s. 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 .

Jayda: I learned about art. In art we did a sugar skull and it was fun.  And we did a dove of peace.  It had red poppies.

Jesse: The smarties activity was really fun because we got to eat the smarties at the end.  At gym the floor hockey game was really fun because we got to be on teams.  When I read to myself I get better at reading.

Josh: I love reading. I love gym. I love games. I love spelling.

Kaytlynn:  I  like reading because it helps me learn.  We were writing a Santa letter it`s fun!  I like doing math because it challenges me.  I like it when it challenges me.  I like skip counting.  The skip counting that I like is 2‘s because there all even numbers.  The smarty project was fun because we sorted them and put them in a graph.  We also learned in social we learned about Meteghan, Iqaluit, Saskatoon; we learned lots about those places.

Logan: I am good at listening. I am good in gym.   I  am good at floor hockey.  I am good at comprehension strategies.

Michayla: I like  school  because  you learn   and have  lots of    fun  at  school.     Ms.J  is a nice  and fun  teacher  to.  I make   lots of   friends .  I  Love  math and  school  to.

Nick: I like to read books good books.   I like nonfiction books about animals my favorite animal is a shark .   And I like to play floor hockey in gym.

Paris: I think   I’m good at coloring. I hate going out for recess it is cold.  I like art ,it is fun .The best thing about school is coming back tomorrow!  You do not haft to pay to be good  at  something.  Ok!    Good job!  I like school in art!123456789  I learned everything !mis.j is the besT! art art art is the bEst !02468* i would not learn this without her. awe

Parks: I like Art because you can be creative. I like math because it helps me learn.  We are learning mental math strategies.  The best strategy is counting on by ones.

Shayla: I love to sing in school. it is fun when the day is done because I go to the after school program.  I like read to self at school.  I em gitin good at it.

Taylor: I think I am good at skip counting.  I like to count back.  I like to count by tens.  I read well. I  like to play capture the flag.

Ty: I love reading. I love spelling games. I love games. I love gym.

Tyrus: I`m having fun at school!  I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!  Do you??  The gym is the funnest.

VIVIEN: I am good at skip counting because I can count by ten.   I am good at graphs because I always do it right. I am a good at reading. I am good  at gym.


3 thoughts on “Our Thoughts About Our Learning…

  1. Hello Ms.J and 2J,

    I enjoyed reading all of your wonderful comments. You seem to all like many different things at school.

    I can see Tyrus even asked a question so I’ll give and answer…

    Yes, I liked school. In fact, I was your age when i first said I wanted to be a teacher. While I also had other ideas of what I wanted to do, teaching was always there. It was a choice I never regretted.

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

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