New IREC Shirts!!!

How lucky are our IREC students?  They EACH got a new IREC shirt !!! 

Make SURE to keep track of it, and a great idea would be to write your name on the tag as there are now hundreds of them here at the school. Please remember that students may be asked to wear their IREC shirt on certain special/spirit days, so try really hard to not lose it.  Also note that these shirts are meant to last for 2 years, and that’s why it may be a bit big for you right now.

Check out the Grade 2Js in their snazzy new IREC shirts below!

7 thoughts on “New IREC Shirts!!!

  1. I`m all ready wearing that shirt. can you see me right there in the blue shirt?Hahahahah!!!!! you can laghf if you want!Ha

  2. Hi Jesse! You get to keep the t-shirts forever! So please make sure you take care of it and write your name on the tag. That orange looks great on you!!!

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