Letter to Santa

Okay, you naughty Grade 2Js!!! Your moms and dads have told Santa he is NOT, under any circumstances, to give you a gift this year as you have all been SO ROTTEN this past month! However, you have a strategy put together: you are going to plan out and write Santa a letter convincing him he should still give you a gift…

The value of a writing prompt is a topic I’ve been talking and thinking a lot about lately; when students are given a meaningful purpose to write, they are much more engaged and invested in their writing. And more often than not, the end product is of a much better quality as well.

Students began planning their letter only after Ms.J had shown the class:

  • a model of her own plan (on a graphic organizer),
  • the letter written from the plan
  • and the assessment rubric so students know what areas to focus on and what the project expectations were.

Students also worked together to brainstorm ideas for fictional examples of how they were naughty as well as excuses for why they did those naughty things.

Below are some “teasers”; some students’ ideas in their graphic organizers. Once their letters are complete, we’ll share them on our blog!

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10 thoughts on “Letter to Santa

  1. We’re working on our draft copy and hopefully the final copy this week. I’m glad you’re enjoying this project; I can’t wait to share all the letters! Everybody has such creative ideas!

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