Capture the Snow Flag!

It was such a beautiful day today that we decided to have our gym class outside.  We played a game called “Capture the Snow Flag”.  Obviously it’s very similar to “Capture the Flag”, except that the flags are white to be camouflaged with the snow.  The students decided to have a Girls Team and a Boys team, and they had to SYNERGIZE to play the game well.  Below are pictures after each team won a round!


Write a comment about a good strategy your team used when you won!


7 thoughts on “Capture the Snow Flag!

  1. Hi Grade 2-“Capture the Snow Flag”-what a great idea . . . using white camouflauged. Was it fun? Would you do it again?

    I know I didn’t play the game with you but one strategy in most if not all games is thinking Win Win. Relize that you are playing a fun game and it is good to be competitive but in the end the most important thing is “did everyone have fun?” Mr. W.

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