Doubles Plus One Game

As mentioned in an earlier post, we’re building on our knowledge of doubles to now include “doubles plus one” as one of our mental math strategies.  Today we played a game that included a 10 sided dice (which had the numbers 0-9) on the LCD screen, and a custom-made game board we each created.

The first round of play was a review of doubles.  We each had to think of answers if each number on the dice was doubled, then write it several times on our gameboard grid (there were 25 spaces).  Each time the dice was rolled, we had to quickly think of what the double of that number was, then cross it off our game board.  The winner was the first one with a straight line  of his/her numbers crossed off!  We let quite a few people win before we moved on.  The second round was an introduction to doubles plus one.  It was set up and played the same way as round one, except the answers were the numbers rolled on the dice, DOUBLED PLUS ONE.

Below is a slide show of the game boards, dice, and of some of us playing!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Talk with a parent or sibling at home and see if you can create a different “doubles plus one” game that we can play as a class or in smaller groups!  If you are able to think of one, give it a snazzy name.  Post the name as a comment below and maybe we can play it during a math class!


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