Grade 2J Leadership Awards

As part of our character education at Iron Ridge Elementary School, we learn about and practice The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  Every day, 2 students are recognized for showing their leadership skills.  Gr. 2J students that receive Leadership Awards will now be posted on our blog.

 Congratulations to the following students who have already received this award earlier in the year:

Asia, Tyrus, Colby and Parks.

This past Friday, Nick got an award for showing leadership because he participates so well at recess and phys.ed. time.  Nick is able to synergize well with other students during team sports and he knows the importance of sharpening the saw.  Nick is always out exercising and having fun! Way to go, Nick!  (Thanks to Ms. Laurie for presenting the award to Nick!)

Haylie also got an award because she began picking up garbage along the route of our Step-N-Stride walk on Wednesday.  Haylie was very proactive because she saw  something that was wrong and made it right without even being asked.  Thanks, Haylie!


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