Keeping Our Water Safe

One of the final concepts we’re learning about in Exploring Liquids is how we can save water and keep it clean.  In Science this afternoon, the Grade 2Js got into small discussion groups to share their SCHEMA about how they already save water or help to keep it clean.  After they each shared several ideas with their groups, we came back together as a class to make up a complete list.  Check it out below; I think there are some FANTASTIC strategies here!


As a family, please have a discussion about what you are already doing to keep our water safe, and new ideas that you can try.

Please leave a comment about your discussion as we’d love to read about them during our next Science class!!! 

7 thoughts on “Keeping Our Water Safe

    • Thank you for your comment! One of our students had talked about how his parents turn the hot water heater down when they go away for several days, but now we can discuss energy efficient appliances that can help us save water. Thanks!!!

  1. Hi grade 2s, I enjoyed reading your blog on not wasting water. This past summer my daughter bought me a rain barrel. We put it below one of our downspouts. This is a great way of collecting rainwater and watering your plants.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog.

    Mr. W.

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