Journal Writing

In Balanced Literacy during our writing work, the Grade 2Js have been focusing on GOOD IDEAS.  One of our Guided Reading Centers is Journal Writing, and many students had the opportunity to write in theirs after their spelling work was completed.  Check out the good ideas that are in the journal examples below.  Also notice how the entries all seem to be focused on 1-2 topics, they’ve added meaningful pictures to accompany their writing, and they have also thought about our “Sentence Writing Checklist”: Capitals, Periods, Rereading (to make sure our sentences make sense).  I really appreciate how many of our students are taking care to spelling their “No Excuse” words so accurately!

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4 thoughts on “Journal Writing

    • Awww Sweetie! Remember that we spoke about your journal entry and all the things you did well on it! I really loved your idea about writing about playing with your little brother and the descriptive words you used. I think you did a lovely job,Sis!!! And thank you for all your other comments; I think it’s wonderful that you are thinking back about things that we’ve done in class!

    • Hannah, you have been very proactive in your writing, taking care to think of good ideas and adding descriptive words. You are also beginning to pay closer attention to our “Big 3” writing checklist: capitals, periods and rereading our sentences to make sure they make sense. Keep it up, Girl!

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