Doubles – A Mental Math Strategy

Before we really dive into addition and subtraction, the Grade 2Js are going to focus on some Mental Math Strategies.  Being able to apply several (or all) of the mental math strategies we learn will help us with more difficult addition and subtraction concepts in grade 2, as well as multiplication and division in later grades.

Today we learned about and practiced the mental math strategy, DOUBLES.  Some students shared some strategies they knew about doubles that help them remember.  For example, many students said that they had their doubles memorized.  Others saw that the answers for doubles (if they we’re lined up one underneath the other) all went up by 2!  Others noted that all the answers were even numbers as well!

Ms.J showed the class some songs about doubles, and we decided to do our own song.  After we practiced and we felt like we knew our doubles well, Shayla videotaped the class singing our “Grade 2J Doubles Rap”.  Click on the link below to watch our video!  Remember to keep practicing your doubles at home, because pretty soon we’re going to learn new mental math strategies like “doubles plus 1” and “doubles plus 2″…

Grade 2J Doubles Rap from Kendall Johnson on Vimeo.


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