Data Analysis (Math Journals)

We’ve been learning about Data Analysis in math for the last several weeks.  Today we reviewed several reasons WHY we are learningthis, as well as showing that we know how to gather and record information, that we can create a (picto)graph from information we’ve gathered, and that we can learn something from our graphs.

As a class we decided that “data analysis” is getting and organizing information that we want or need to know, and showing that information in an way that others can understand. 

In our Math Journals today each student decided what they wanted to find out about their classmates and allowed 2 choices.  For example, Vivien wanted to know what others’ favourite colour was between pink and blue.  Shayla wanted to know if her classmates’ favourite animal was cows or horses. Parks wanted to know what others liked to do better in the snow: have snow ball fights or build snowmen.  Emery was asking her classmates which subject they liked better at school and the the choices she gave were art or music.  After each student decided what they wanted to know about, they drew a t-chart to record their information in, and then they created pictographs to illustrate the responses of 5 of their classmates.  Once this was complete, the students were also asked to share one thing they learned from their graphs.

Below are 4 examples of the math journals the Grade 2J’s did today.  Click on each to take a closer look.  All the students did a great job showing their understanding and skills in our Data Analysis unit!!!



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